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Archives for December, 2015

North Africa Distribution

North Africa testing is complete and the 2.8 GB distribution package has been uploaded to the distribution server.

But suddenly the site performance has taken a nosedive.  We are currently working with our host and behind the scenes diagnosing the problem.  Your patience is appreciated and we expect the have the problem resolved soon.

Thanks . . .

Nuts & Bolts, Final Testing & Galaxy Lifetime members

We’re adjusting the site structure to accommodate former FSGenesis Galaxy Lifetime memberships, which will be honored here, and arranging the distribution infrastructure in preparation for the initial release of Toposim Continents: Africa.  North Africa mesh is in final testing phase before being packaged for release and distribution before the end of the week, and now available for special pre-order pricing.  We are also developing the roadmap for Toposim Africa, to be soon published, including detailed coastlines, landclass, hydrography, and Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAPs) as new layers of development.  Completed Toposim Africa will be the “go-to” product for those who want to explore the wonders of this fascinating continent.  Bookmark us, join us, and check back often for progress and updates . . .

So, lots of work to do here, and I’ll now get back to it . . .


Hitting the ground running . . .

After completing my contract work on Orbx Southern California earlier this month, a task that has consumed much of the past year, my development and production efforts now turn to a brand-new product line, Toposim Continents, beginning with the long-neglected African continent.  The recent availability of a refined SRTM30 dataset has given me new material to chew on, and the North Africa terrain mesh component is now in the final stages of production.

Compiled from the latest SRTM and ASTER 30m datasets, North Africa is rendered in highly-detailed, highly-accurate multi-LOD terrain files with a maximum 19m/LOD11 resolution.  North Africa covers Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and the Sudan, available individually or bundled for savings.  All countries will be updated with enhanced coastlines, hydrography and other natural features, as well as airport terrain adjustment packs (ATAPs) where needed to address plateaus and mislocated airports.

AND, all former FSGenesis Galaxy Lifetime memberships will be honored, pending confirmation.

So stay tuned as we roll out this exciting new product line for FSX/P3D.