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Archives for June, 2016

Alaska – Southeast


Current Alaska coverage

The Southeast region has been added to Alaska, including nearly 300,000 sq/km of unprecedented, stunning 5m terrain mesh.  Previous users need only log into their Toposim Distribution Center account and click My Account, Downloads tab to find their download links.  There is a download consisting of both Panhandle and Southeast regions, as well as individual packages for each region.

Pre-order pricing is now in effect, offering half-off now for the full package.   Current users may simply log in and download new regions as they are released over the next 2-3 weeks.  With each region released, the pricing will increase, so you will save significantly by pre-ordering the whole package.

And now Alaska . . .


Alaska coverage – light green 38m/19m – darker green 10m/5m

This new Toposim Alaska product will be a little different than previous releases with the use of 5m IFSAR source data covering much of the state, which should be a boon for bush-flyers, low and slow, enjoying the incredible detail of the closer terrain.

The Alaska Panhandle is now available for immediate download as proof of concept, and I have obtained 90% of the required data to finish the state of Alaska 19m, with large portions of the state represented in 5m horizontal resolution terrain mesh, creating unprecedented detail for large swaths of Alaska’s urban areas and wilderness

The views can be stunning – with one caveat.  Five-meter terrain detail only extends out a few kilometers from your viewpoint due to hard-coded LOD restraints.  Jet fighters and airliiners won’t notice a difference at FL35, but when flying low and slow up a fjord in a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver, the detail will pop out at you, and add considerable enjoyment to that sort of touring flight.

I am releasing Toposim Alaska 5m terrain via pre-orders for the whole package, which will consist of six regions, Panhandle, available now, and five more regions – Southeast, Southwest, Interior, Arctic, and Western Alaska – over the next 4-6 weeks.  As a means to finance production, this initial release is priced in pre-order more than HALF-OFF what the Toposim Alaska 5m terrain will cost when completed, six-weeks from now.  Price will rise in increments as further regions are released every week or so.  Early adopters will only have to log in and click My Account in the Toposim Distribution Center to download their additional regions.

So if you are a fan of Alaska flying, this new Toposim Alaska terrain will provide unprecedented, breathtaking terrain detail for those bush flights to remote destinations.

And a better time to grab this will never be than now.

By the way, the half-off GREATDEAL coupon has been reactivated (Alaska exempt, since it’s already half-off). so, 50% Off the rest of the store for a limited time.

Tanzania Mt Kilimanjaro Repaired . . .

TOPOSIM_Continents_Africa_KilimanjaroSome news on updates and stuff . . .

Fixed erroneous ASTER artifacts on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  Previous users of either Tanzania, East Africa Bundle, Africa Continent Bundle, may go to My Account in Toposim Distribution Center and pick up the new Tanzania BGL.  Simply download and extract over your previous installation.

As well, troubleshooting a severe, isolated elevation problem on the Tibet/Nepal border, so there will up updates soon on both those coverages as soon as the problem is diagnosed in the source data.  So far it has been elusive.

Also spent the weekend downloading about 70 Gb of 5m source data covering the greater part of Alaska.  Expect a new LOD12 / 10m North America – Alaska to finish up the Toposim Continents Western Hemisphere coverage.  Stay tuned for more info . . .

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