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Archives for September, 2016

Greenland ATAPs Nearing Completion


Toposim Continents Greenland

The Toposim Greenland Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAPs) are nearing completion, including Aasiaat, Nerelit Inaat, Nuuk, Ilulissat, Kulusuk, Qaanaaq, Kangerlussuaq, Upernavik, and Qaasut.  Still tweaking a few airport property polys, taxiways and aprons.  Will soon package it all up and release v1.  There are, no doubt, still anomalies to be fixed, tweaks and enhancements to be made, which will be released as a future update, but this is a good basic Greenland with ATAPs included, a good foundation for future development.

Greenland, including ATAPs, can be preordered here now at significant discount until release, which won’t be long now . . .

Meanwhile, enjoy some comparison shots of the recent work . . .

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Mired in Maniitsoq

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Have spent much of the past ten days snowed in at Maniitsoq, Greenland.  I finally, yesterday, managed to leave Maniitsoq in reasonable condition, with more work to do.  Maniitsoq tested some new methods and procedures, much trial and error (lots of error!), and now I have moved northward along the western coast of Greenland.  I’m hoping the remaining airports don’t require too much extensive, time-consuming work, and aiming for a release, perhaps this weekend.

On to Illulissat . . .

Greenland coming along . . .


Toposim Continents Greenland coverage

Been quietly busy up in Greenland, which is requiring a bit of extra work.  I located some very recent Greenland Ice Mapping Project (GIMP) source data, but the final result needs a little extra tweaking to make it fit with the arctic sea-level instead of the ice shelf elevations.  Kind of a “fluid” situation with all the melting going on up there these days.  So, I’m working on a few Greenland ATAPs to reconcile the shorelines in FSX/P3D, and when complete the result should be a definitive representation of the real world Greenland.

Greenland will become part of the North American Bundle, so if you’re a user of that bundle, the download will appear in your Downloads section of My Account at the Toposim Distribution Center upon release.  It’s also eligible for the Buy One Get One FREE promotion as a regional bundle, but the download won’t be available for another couple of weeks or so.

I’m aiming for a ~September 15 release, but you may pre-order now at a reduced price from the Toposim Distribution Center.  That way, upon release, simply log in and go to My Account Downloads tab and download the ~1.3 GB file.