Toposim Continents North America Greenland

At long last . . . Toposim Continents North America – Greenland is now available for purchase and immediate download.  Featuring 19m / LOD11 terrain mesh derived from the latest Greenland Ice Mapping Project (GIMP) (2014) source data, this huge island is covered in its entirety.  Also included are built-in Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAPs) to adjust airport property polygons referenced to digital orthophotos and terrain adjustments to address plateaus.  ATAPs include Aasiaat, Nerelit Inaat, Nuuk, Ilulissat, Kulusuk, Qaanaaq, Kangerlussuaq, Upernavik, and Qaasut.

Greenland is also included with the North America Continent Bundle, so previous users need only log into the Toposim Distribution Center, My Account, Downloads tab and download.

And remember, you can get North America Greenland absolutely free by purchasing any other regional bundle and taking advantage of the current Buy One Get One FREE promotion . . .