Toposim Continents Russia Caucasus coverage

Coverage of Russia has been expanded with an update to Volga Federal District, and new releases of Northwest Federal District and Ural Federal District.  These have been added to the Russia Caucasus Bundle, and in turn folded into the European Continent Bundle.  Previous users of any of those products may simply log into the Toposim Distribution Center, click My Account, then the download tab to find and download the new files.

Please note that areas south of 60 degrees North are compiled from fresh SRTM 1-arc-second source data.  North of 60 degrees North is compiled from 3-arc-second data as a placeholder until new 5m source data drops, at which time there will be a significant updates.

Next up is Russia Siberia and Far East, the last two regions remaining.  Getting ever-closer to full planetary coverage . . .