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DTG Flightsim World & Toposim Free Upgrade Policy . . .

Now that the Dovetail Games FlightSim World Early Access has been announced, we will be transitioning into the new era over the next several weeks.  This means new production, a new product line, and changes to the Toposim Future Upgrades Policy going forward.  The Toposim FREE Upgrade policy, as announced several months ago, below, will end on May 31, 2017.  Any orders placed prior to 23:59 GMT on May 31 are and will remain grandfathered into free upgrades on any previously-purchased products.

2 thoughts on “DTG Flightsim World & Toposim Free Upgrade Policy . . .

  1. Are all the bundles P3Dv4 compatible or not? I need to know before purchasing anything.

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