Kilimanjaro DEM

Completing a round of updates, erroneous ASTER artifacts have been corrected in Tanzania near Mt Kilimanjaro.  As well, problems near Mt Everest and K2 have interim updates to Nepal and Tibet to remove inexplicable and erroneous pits resulting in the peaks being ~8000 meters below sea level instead of above sea level.  The problem is not apparent anywhere in the source data, so the offending areas were simply removed to allow the default to show through.  Not a perfect solution, but an interim improvement.  Expect a final update at which time the source of the problem is found.

Previous users of Tanzania, East Africa Bundle, and African Continent Bundle, as well as users of Nepal, South Asia Bundle, and Tibet, China Bundle, East Asia Bundle, and Asia Continent Bundle can find the new Tanzania, Nepal, and Tibet downloads by logging into the Toposim Distribution Center and clicking My Account, Downloads tab.

The new files have been incorporated into the download packages for all new orders.

Thanks . . .