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Flightsim developer for 20 years, first as a freeware author 1996-1998, then as proprietor of FSGenesis from 1998-2013. Founded Toposim in 2013. Also author of The Chrysalis: Poems from the Future and Humans of Earth, available for the Kindle, Nook, and PDF and at http://www.tymetraveller.net

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Recent Updates to Tanzania, Nepal, and Tibet


Kilimanjaro DEM

Completing a round of updates, erroneous ASTER artifacts have been corrected in Tanzania near Mt Kilimanjaro.  As well, problems near Mt Everest and K2 have interim updates to Nepal and Tibet to remove inexplicable and erroneous pits resulting in the peaks being ~8000 meters below sea level instead of above sea level.  The problem is not apparent anywhere in the source data, so the offending areas were simply removed to allow the default to show through.  Not a perfect solution, but an interim improvement.  Expect a final update at which time the source of the problem is found.

Previous users of Tanzania, East Africa Bundle, and African Continent Bundle, as well as users of Nepal, South Asia Bundle, and Tibet, China Bundle, East Asia Bundle, and Asia Continent Bundle can find the new Tanzania, Nepal, and Tibet downloads by logging into the Toposim Distribution Center and clicking My Account, Downloads tab.

The new files have been incorporated into the download packages for all new orders.

Thanks . . .

New Forum Functionality

Participants can now upload attachments in the Forum.

As well, each new topic can now be designated a “support topic,” which will help track support requests.  Down at the bottom left of the New Topic section of each forum page, is a new checkbox labeled “Support Topic.”  If your new topic is primarily a support issue, please enable this checkbox before clicking the Submit button.

Thanks . . .


A Social Primer

This area is for Support and Community, so I thought it would be useful to point out a few features here, mostly under the “Activity” tab above, where you will find a timeline of site activity, from NOTAMS to forum posts to comments to registrations.  As well, at the top of the page there is the “What’s new . . .” section where you can post images, videos, and links.  You can also see who’s online, and clicking their picture or avatar will take you to their profile page where you can add them as a friend, and send them a public or private message.

Clicking your own avatar image takes you to your profile, where you can see various information, and manage your account settings, such as email address, passwords, and privacy settings.

I encourage everyone to go to their profiles and add a picture or personalized favorite avatar.  As well, please fill out your last name if you haven’t already.  This helps me, as admin, tell everyone apart.  You can set your privacy settings to only show your last name to those whom you choose.  There is the capability to create groups and invite your friends to those groups, but not sure I have it enabled.  If you’d like a feature that isn’t currently available, let me know and we’ll see what we can do as we go along here.

In any case, we all share this flight simulation hobby and we shouldn’t be all serious business all the time, so this is a place to come to have some fun and share your experiences, your screenshots, your favorite planes or airports.  Come in, relax a bit, and share your stories . . . the more the merrier!

Functional, working on the appearance

Everything seems to be working, but the forum still needs some style-tweaking.  Please log in and fill out your profile under the Activity link above, add an avatar or picture, which will facilitate communication amongst the Admin and users, as well as between users and users.  This should be the first stop for any questions or comments, be they support-related, or socially-inspired.  Feel free to share content and invite your friends to join us.  The more the merrier in this community.


Justin – Toposim

Development Requests

We have made it easy to request airport development here. Requesting airport development is a no-cost, no-obligation service of Toposim as a means to find airports that will benefit from the Toposim treatment. Many of these Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAP) will find their way into the wild as freeware releases through major download sites such as AVSIM and flightsim.com.  All will also become products in the Toposim Store at future prices to be determined.

Another way to request development is to commission a specific airport through the Toposim Store. This will move the development to priority production status for quick turn-around and enable you to earn a 5% royalty on future sales of that product through the Toposim store.

If you are a commercial developer or publisher, you can commission custom terrain work to add to your distribution package through the Toposim Store. This will move the airport’s development to priority production status for quick turn-around.

Forum Conversion

The original forum in operation for only two days was lacking in features, so decided to scrap it in favor of this much-more socially-oriented structure. Still lots of massaging to do here, but this will be the framework going forward. I will be adding functionality and tweaking the visual elements over the coming days. Unfortunately, did lose one post this morning in this new forum system, so my apologies to @catmar1944 . . .

Meanwhile, we are re-opened for business . . . and socializing . . . Welcome again!


Under the Hood Stuff . . .

I’m configuring this part of the site in the background to add more social features and a better forum system.  The existing forum is lacking many features, so am looking to improve on that. You may experience anomalies while I’m fiddling around, but the end result will be much improved.

Thanks for patience . . . 🙂

We’re Open for Business!

Make sure to drop in and say hello . . .

We’re about Ready . . .

Completed the basic structure of the forums and everything appears to be working, so I guess we”ll throw open the doors officially sometime tomorrow. It’s coming into focus . . .

Toposim Forums!

Toposim Forums will soon be operational. Stay Tuned . . .