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    How are Toposim packages purchased here installed to FSX-Steam Edition? I have purchased two packages previously through Steam that install automatically. I would like to know this is different.


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    I follow the same procedure for adding Scenery to the Scenery Library as was used in FSX before Steam edition, as noted in the install notes provided in the archive.

    My preference is to keep the Toposim Continents files outside of the sim root folder, since I generally feed the same files into both FSX-SE and P3D4. I keep mine on an external drive in a folder TOPOSIM, so


    Then in Scenery Library click Add Area and browse to [continent] folder, Name the Layer TOPOSIM [Continent] and click OK.

    There is a Scenery Library bug that was introduced when Windows 7 was released, but there is an easy workaround noted here:

    Hope this helps





    Perfect. I can do that. Thanks.

    And will it show up in the list of software in Steam like the others? I am thinking it will not.

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    No it won’t show up in Steam, but will show up listed in the FSX Scenery Library, and of course, in sim.



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