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    The server migration broke couple of things we’re still working on. Most importantly, it broke the automation between the store software and PayPal, preventing the automatic order status updating and download provisioning, forcing me to manually fulfill the orders, which may cause a delay in the downloads being available, usually within a few minutes when I am around, but could be an hour or two if I’m out on an errand. Between midnight EST and 7 a.m., the delay may be longer.

    Especially when I apparently triggered some automatic IP blocking script, merely by attempting to log into the server control and information interface and the Toposim site control panel to make some adjustments. Four hours later, I just now received notification that they finally unblocked and whitelisted my IP.

    And then . . . A storm blew through and put out my internet connection.

    So I drove a couple of miles to my son’s place and am running things at the moment from my smart phone.

    Whew, I’ll be glad when the dust settles on this migration and get things running on automatic again so I can get back to releasing Australia, which is ready for packaging and distribution.

    Thanks for patience 🙂



    Things have settled down from this morning and afternoon’s frustrations. So we’re spending a nice quiet evening stomping on bugs. There are a few things that aren’t working quite right yet, but they should not effect the front-end too much. Throughout the evening we will be switching back and forth from live to sandbox mode, in which case paid orders may fail sporadically. We’ll try to make our fixes and enhancements quick, with a minimum of disruption. Thanks.


    Waiting on the backend hosting techs to perform the necessary configurations, and we’ll get back to testing and streamlining the checkout and download provisioning.

    Meanwhile, still fulfilling orders manually as quickly as possible.




    OK, it appears that the backend adjustments have been successful, and I will no longer have to manually process the orders, except for the remaining Buy One Get One FREE module problem – the Free download still must be manually provisioned. But it’s a step forward.

    We’ll be streamlining the whole checkout process in the next few days, now that the necessary configurations have been made.

    Almost there . . .




    Pretty much back to normal, with a lot room to grow and additional resources available with the push of a button.

    Still that nagging problem with the BOGOF plugin as far as automatic download provisioning, but everything else seems to be otherwise working fine. We will continue to monitor new orders closely and manually add download access to the free region or continent as quickly as possible. The paid product download access of the promotion remains automatic and instant upon return to My Account, Download tab.

    I’ll leave this pinned for a couple of more days, then it will fall into the history of the forums.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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