On the eve of the Flight Sim World Early Access release I am pleased to announce that the current version of Toposim Continents works as is in Dovetail Games Flightsim World.

However, Flightsim World has no in-game Scenery Library, so in order to use Toposim Continents in FSW the end user must edit the scenery.cfg file located in C:\ProgramData\Dovetail Games\FSW.

First, make a copy of scenery.cfg

Open scenery.cfg in Notepad and scroll to the bottom


Local=Addon Scenery

Paste below the last entry and edit thusly:

Title= TOPOSIM Africa (for example)
Local=[path to Africa files, i.e., c:\TOPOSIM\Continents\Africa, or wherever you installed on your local system]

Save scenery.cfg

Repeat process for each individual Toposim Continent you may have, using the above example, incrementing [Area.xxx]

That’s it.  Upon starting FSW you will see the usual “Building Database for new scenery files” message, and when FSW loads you will be using Toposim Continents terrain mesh.

Stay tuned for further details over the coming days.