8 thoughts on “ATTN: Former Galaxy Lifetime Members

  1. What a classy thing to do Justin and much appreciated. Long time Genesis customer and really glad to see you back. I’ll be making a crowd donation next weekend! Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the kind acknowledgment, Gerald. I’ve always felt a sense of regret about how the sale of FSG went so badly, leaving the Galaxy members high and dry. I lobbied vigorously with the new ownership, to no avail. Selling to those who now control FSG was a mistake that has resulted in hardship, financial loss, a period of homelessness, and generally hard times and had I to do it over again knowing what I know now, I definitely would have used more due diligence and discernment..

    In any case, honoring the legacy Galaxy Lifetime memberships is the right thing to do even though it has and will result in much-needed lost revenue and make this re-launch much more of a challenge. Hopefully, the lost revenues will be made up in goodwill at some point.

    Anyway, thanks again . . .


    1. I can assure you it will. The FS community is made up of the kind of people who really cherish this kind of attitude. As Gerald says – this is a classy move. I’ll be buying from you.

  3. HI Glenn,

    Yeah, for now. If you can be a little bit patient I intend to cover all those areas with my own “Continents” product line, if revenues here will allow me to continue development unimpeded. No definite timetables written in stone, but in a constant state of development, computer number-crunching 24 hours a day. Over time there will be full coverage.

  4. I am so glad to have you back!!! You must know how frustrated we all have been trying to get answers to questions when there has been no replies to any submissions. Just curious though…with the resolution of FSX how much improvement can I expect with your add-ons? I did some compares with the original FSGenesis (I am Galaxy member) but it didn’t seem like I was getting anything from the product. That being said, I would like to know if I am not installing correctly so that FSX does not recognize the terrain. I could never get an answer before, so maybe you can help now. Also, is there any benefit to the new product over the “old” FSGenesis software?
    Thanks for the help

    1. HI Don

      Aside from the more recently updated data source, the Toposim Continents resolution is mostly the same as the old FSGenesis, so at first glance you won’t see too much difference in the end result. The biggest difference is in a more elegant file organization and Toposim is, you know, actually supported.

      Much also depends on where and how high you fly. In the contiguous US the default resolution is already 38m, so going to 10m the increase of detail is only a factor of two while in most of the rest of the world the default is 612m, so going to 19m the increase of detail is a factor of five. As well, as the resolution goes up, the visual display radius goes down, i.e., won’t display as far out in the distance. This is hard-coded for performance purposes, so can’t be adjusted much.

      You won’t see much difference out in the distance if you’re flying FL36 in a tube liner, but as you descend the extra detail will become apparent closer in. This is especially apparent with the very-high-resolution UltraMesh products, which are best geared towards bush flyers, ultralights, and ground operations such as four-wheeling and avatar hiking, although big iron pilots can benefit from the enhanced visuals when on approach and on the ground.

      As far as installation, you might review the installation FAQs and videos at the Support and Community section and Distribution Center to ensure you have installed properly.

      Hope this helps and welcome back!


  5. Have gone over to X-Plane (and eagerly await MSFS 2020) so not sure what there will be for me, mesh-wise, these days. But very nice to see you here Justin!

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