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The flat-airport limitation of the FSX-platform has been a bane to terrain developers and end-users of high-resolution terrain since FS2000.  FSX airports are hard-coded to be pool-table flat.  In reality there are very few, if any, airports that are perfectly flat.  They have undulations in the real-life topography of their locations resulting in the two thresholds of the runway differing by 100 meters or more in some extreme examples.  Applying a pool-table flat polygon over several kilometers square will inevitably create plateaus or canyons in the vicinity of an FSX airport.  The problem doesn’t affect every airport, and comes in varying degrees depending on the varied topographic environment surrounding each individual airport.

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Fixing this is not a matter of simply changing the airport’s elevation above sea level.  Whereas you may eliminate a plateau at one end you create a canyon at the other.  As well, there are quite a few smaller airfields, especially in remote places, that are simply mislocated, sometimes by several kilometers.  Often, simply moving an airport and correcting runway bearings will fix the problem.  There have been global attempts to fix the problem with a generic approach, but here again, results are mixed at best.  The only true solution in many cases is to create a custom-blended digital elevation model around a custom-made airport property polygon, to come as close as possible to real-world fidelity.

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This where our custom development services come in.  With 20-something thousands of airports in the FSX/P3D virtual world, there are no doubt several thousand airports out there in the wild that could benefit by some custom-blending with their high-resolution terrain mesh environments.

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You can commission a favorite airport, when the ATAP (Airport Terrain Adjustment Pack) is completed not only do you receive the finished, customized ATAP, it also becomes part of the Toposim Distribution Center, and you receive a 5% royalty on all sales of that products.  This way, commissioning a popular airport becomes an investment that should pay for itself, and more, over time.

We have completed a few ATAPs over here . . .

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