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DTG Flightsim World & Toposim Free Upgrade Policy . . .

Now that the Dovetail Games FlightSim World Early Access has been announced, we will be transitioning into the new era over the next several weeks.  This means new production, a new product line, and changes to the Toposim Future Upgrades Policy going forward.  The Toposim FREE Upgrade policy, as announced several months ago, below, will end on May 31, 2017.  Any orders placed prior to 23:59 GMT on May 31 are and will remain grandfathered into free upgrades on any previously-purchased products.

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Toposim Future Upgrades Policy

upgradeAs the first light of the dawn of the new age of 64-bit flight simulation start to glow on the horizon, we are pleased to announce our future upgrade policy.

Until further notice, all Toposim Continents product-line orders that have been or currently placed through the Toposim Distribution Center are eligible for a FREE upgrade to the forthcoming 64-bit P3D and Dovetail Games Flight Simulator when they become available over the coming months.  This is subject to change in the future but for now all customer orders for Toposim Continent products are grandfathered into the FREE upgrade.

This means that buying now makes perfect sense, as you’ll get the best of both worlds.  You’ll be able to enjoy Toposim Continents terrain mesh now with your current P3D, FSX, or FSX-SE versions AND you’ll benefit from the free upgrade with no further expense once you move on to the new 64-bit simulator platforms when they become available.

The Toposim Continents product-line is brand new, completely reengineered from the ground up using the best-available, most recent data sources, under constant review and refinement, very reasonably-priced, and come with a 20-year reputation for outstanding service and support, the best in the industry.

So there is no reason to delay upgrading to the future today.  So there will never be a better time to replace your old, outdated, last-generation, dead-end products with the future, next-generation of terrain mesh.

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toposim_avatarWelcome to the new Toposim Distribution Center.  We are in the process of transferring all our products into the new store infrastructure, beginning with our latest release, North Africa, available now.  All currently-available ATAPs are now available here, as well as our Custom Development services.  Please excuse our dust as we complete the overhaul.  We’re still evolving here . . .

UPDATE : The Toposim Distribution Center is now configured to honor former FSGenesis Galaxy Lifetime Memberships.  Simply create an account and we will do the rest.  For now, the cross-referencing and verification is a manual process, so your converted membership will not be instant, but we will process it in a timely manner, often within minutes, but sometimes longer, maybe a couple of hours during normal working hours.  Once processed and logged in you will see all eligible products listed as “Free.”  Simply add to cart and checkout.  Your order confirmation page will have a link(s) to your downloads.  There will also be a link in your confirmation email, which has an expiration but plenty of time to download your product(s).