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Here is a good overview that I wrote for Flightsim.com several years ago . . . Introduction to terrain mesh
Toposim products are organized into two products lines, Toposim Continents and Toposim UltraMesh.

Toposim Continents . . .

. . . offers global 19.2m/LOD11 coverage. The contiguous United States, Mexico, and New Zealand are compiled at 9.6m/LOD12. The dataset is organized into Continental scenery folders . . . Each continents' scenery folder contains within a further hierarchy of region, country, state and province BGLs with a name convention thus:
There are eight continents, including Antarctica. Although the Middle East is not a continent it has its own folder due to being a nexus of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Each of these eight continents will have their own corresponding entry in Scenery Library into which the respective BGLs files are installed.


Toposim UltraMesh, being a more localized, highly-detailed product line, has its own top folder in the hierarchy.  Each Toposim UltraMesh product has its own folder and scenery subfolder, and it's own corresponding entry in Scenery Library.
[still under construction - update pending]
Toposim products are compatible with FSX, FSX-SE, and all versions of P3D.


We have an Installation Overview and Videos at The Support and Community section under the FAQs and Knowledge Base tabs

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