Private Bond Issue

Greetings, family and friends . . .

The launch of any new small business created on a shoestring requires some sort of initial capital funding to pay for things like advertising and new equipment.  Toposim is no different.  Towards that end, I am offering an initial series of heavily-discounted short-term zero-coupon bonds, maturing in six months to one year, the proceeds of which are earmarked to purchase advertising banners at major flightsim sites, as well as to enable the purchase of a new computer to accelerate the production and release of new products, as well as provide enhanced storage capacity for the considerable amount of refined source data, several terabytes worth(!), that I am accumulating as the global terrain build-out progresses.

As some of you may know, I founded, owned, and operated FSGenesis, which grew to become a prominent company in the ecosystem that has formed around Microsoft Fight Simulator during the past 20 years or so.   From 1998 to 2013, FSGenesis earned a great reputation for the best service and support in the industry while specializing in high-quality, high-resolution terrain mesh selling to the consumer market at a reasonable price point.  Having taken a couple of years off from flightsim development to travel and seek out new adventures, I am now settled back in, taking that earlier learning experience and applying it to Toposim while creating a brand-new business from the ground up.

While still selling to the legacy Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D (P3D) end-user consumer market, I have recently been recruited to join the development team at Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software for work on a new “next-generation” simulation platform in the early stages of development.  The refined source data I am now creating will form the topographical base of this new cutting-edge simulator, which is poised to become an early example of a true holodeck supporting the emerging virtual reality technologies to provide the deepest levels of realism and true immersion that heretofore could only be imagined.

While my involvement in this new project has the potential to provide significant compensation several quarters down the road, for now my participation is voluntary, so I am relying on revenues from this web site to support my continuing topographic development efforts, which are proceeding 12 to 18 hours a day.  During this month alone I have managed to add nearly 50 new products to the Toposim Distribution Center, using an almost paleolithic five-year-old laptop.  That said, web site traffic remains minimal due to insufficient resources to orchestrate a proper marketing campaign to bring potential customers through the store.  Hence, I am making this private bond issue available at very attractive rates as a means to raise the initial capital necessary to purchase advertising and a new production computer to kick-start the revenues of my new enterprise.

As well, I intend to move into the wider GIS data market, serving a variety of commercial industry and institutional needs with the potential for significant revenue growth beyond the flight simulator consumer space.  From here the sky is indeed the limit with proper marketing and exposure — which, of course, requires sufficient financial resources, which I do not currently possess.

Not wishing to navigate the complex regulatory maze that would be involved in a public bond offering, I am making this investment opportunity available privately by invitation only to family members and friends in the form of zero-coupon bonds paying a significant return, more than 30% on two bonds with a six-month maturity, and one with a one-year maturity, linked below.  I greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to participating in a true financial win-win situation with all of you going forward.

Thanks much in advance.

$100 Zero-Coupon Bond, maturing August 1, 2016
$500 Zero-Coupon Bond, maturing August 1, 2016
$1000 Zero-Coupon Bond, maturing January 1, 2017