Oceania – New Zealand

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Multi-LOD12/10m maximum horizontal resolution terrain mesh covering New Zealand, including Auckland Island, Campbell Island, Antipodes Island, Chatham Island, and Cook Islands. North Island and South Island compiled at LOD12/10m resolution.  Other islands compiled at LOD11/19m resolution.

392 MB download


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Multi-LOD12/10m maximum horizontal resolution terrain mesh covering New Zealand.

392 MB download

1 review for Oceania – New Zealand

  1. Rick (verified owner)

    I have been a supporter of FSGenesis for years and was delighted when Toposim arrived on the scene. I have downloaded and flown the New Zealand South Island area, first in FTX ORBX scenery with their mesh and again with this Toposim mesh. I was happy with the ORBX full region mesh but am very pleased with the additional elevation details provided with the new Toposim product. The additional detail brings the ground to life for a low and slow GA driver like myself. I am convinced that this LOD 12 mesh is very worthwhile having and I look forward to installing all new Toposim regions.

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