Installation of Toposim Products

Although we don't normally use auto-installers, manual installation is a simple two-step breeze . . . Toposim products all go into one TOPOSIM folder. You may extract your downloaded zip files to any location on your drives. But once chosen, stick with that location. If you are consistent in your extract location, the folder conventions within the zip files will all fall nicely in place and there should be no problems.

Installation Step 1 - Extraction

Installation Step 2 - Scenery Library

Once extracted to your preferred location, we must tell FSX/P3D where to find the files. We do this by using Scenery Library in the sim.

Installing Toposim Continents Products

The above example installs Toposim UltraMesh products, but installing Toposim Continents products is much the same except the files are organized into continents folders, instead of individual states, countries or provinces, as with UltraMesh. Each continent has its own folder, so once you install any products included in a continent, you don't have to perform the Scenery Library portion of the installation again since it has already been performed in the initial installation of files contained within that continent. For instance, if you install a United States product, you have already added the North America folder to the Scenery Library. So if you subsequently install Canada files, you don't have to add North America folder to Scenery Library again since it is already there.

Toposim Distribution Center

Yes, we use SSL site-wide. We keep your order information archived to facilitate contact and solutions to any future service issues. No payment information is captured or stored at Toposim, as that is all handled at PayPal, our payment processor for over 20 years. Your privacy is tantamount at Toposim.

We keep our server and front-end software up-to-date and free of all know security issues, so you can be assured that there's no funny-business going on here.
Toposim uses PayPal exclusively. However, if you don't have a PayPal account, or don't want to use it for payment, you can optionally use a valid debit or credit card at PayPal checkout.
Yes. There will be download links on your confirmation page at checkout, in your confirmation email, as well as archived in My Account, Downloads tab in case you need to download in the future.
No, your downloads do not expire. Return to the Toposim Distribution Center anytime in the future and click My Account, click the Downloads tab, and find your product(s).
Log in, click My Account, then click Addresses tab and/or Account Details page
Click My Account, then Account Details Page.
On the Log In form, click Lost your password link. Enter your email address and click Reset My Password. An email will be sent (make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your Inbox.) Follow the link in the email to reset your password.
Click My Account, then click the Orders tab.
Not at this time. All products are distributed via instant download access. We may in the future ship the Planet Earth Bundle on a 64Gb thumb drive, but as of now the option is not provisioned. If there is sufficient immediate demand, we may accelerate the availability of this option.