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    I recently installed the Mid-Atlantic mesh in P3D. The difference was noticed and appreciated. Or, in other words, I was given a proper product for my money.

    Now the BUT. I am sure this has been thrashed over and over but it continues. Improved mesh messes up the appearance of airports that are locked to the original FS product. You then see a very unreal appearance of the airports in the “improved mesh area”. Non-airport areas look great and are a pleasure to fly over.

    In the past I have manually corrected the elevations around the airports to make them part of the new landscape. But that is a real pain. With so many airports being “improved” flying beyond one or two favorites becomes common exposing the anomalies at each.

    A suggestion is that unless a programmatic process, usable by the end customer, becomes available to make the needed corrections it is difficult to accept mesh that improves 95% of the landscape but does the opposite to the remaining 5%.

    There is a numerical before and a numerical after. Perhaps some skilled mathematician can devise a set of formulas to take the two values, in a reasonable resolution, to create a programmatic fix.


    Hi Dick

    Thanks for your comments, and I agree. Yes, the plateau problem is long-standing and has been a pain for both developers and end-users ever since terrain mesh replaced the old flat synthetic tiles and mountain blobs (but we liked it!) back in the day.

    I have developed a process to fix these things (see Custom Development) but yes, it can be tedious and time-consuming. I have queries into both DTG and LM concerning any future plans for undulating airports that conform to the underlying terrain, but so far I have received no response. That said, if going forward we’re going to be stuck with the flat-airport limitation I am willing to invest the time to create myriad customized ATAPs to address the problem.

    But if the new simulator platforms now in development will eliminate the problem, not sure if investing thousands of hours in ATAPs is going to be worth it.

    Time will tell . . .



    Hey Justin — any response yet from LM about the flat airport issue?

    Happy New Year,



    HI Peter,

    Not a word. 🙁


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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