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    Can you tell us when you will be implementing the new Arctic DEM Data just released to the public?


    Hi Charles

    Much of the data is currently in the Alaska product. There were some areas of non-coverage a couple of months ago when I processed the then-available data that aren’t currently in the Alaska product, but it looks like the holes have now been filled, so those holes are definitely in the production plan.

    And of course, once any 5m Greenland data becomes available, it will definitely be converted into BGLs. The forthcoming Greenland uses a different (2014) dataset, but Greenland will be updated when the newer, more detailed and refined data becomes available.

    Thanks for the link . . .



    Hey Justin:

    How is the progress on the new Alaska data release coming? Any expected timeframe?

    Many thanks,



    HI Peter

    I have obtained the entire 5m ArcticDem database and it will be folded into those existing products that can use it. Iceland is the closest to being completed, but it’s very large and unwieldy on the hardware I currently have available. I’ll be adding a new machine and more storage sometime in early June at which point production on a new ultra-high resolution product line will continue in earnest.

    Have also been holding off until the new generation platforms SDKs come into focus, what will benefit from an upgrade, new capabilities, etc. That puzzle is still being assembled.

    But it should all be in place with a good roadmap within another couple of weeks.




    Hi Justin: Thanks for the reply. Looking forwards to using the mesh in P3D v4.

    Best of luck,



    great i was wondering why the north pole was missing but i see its included with alaska.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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