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    Hello Justin,

    There is a great add-on scenery for Bagram AB (OAIX) that does not seem compatible with the TOPOSIM Afghanistan mesh. After installing the mesh the airport returns to a generic strip. I am hoping to use the FSX add-on scenery with your great mesh improvement.

    As an aside, there is a Kandahar add-on that was unaffected with the new mesh ( and still works great.

    Please let me know what can be done and thank you!

    ~ Douglas


    Hi Douglas,

    I can’t imagine anything in terrain mesh that would wipe out an add-on airport. There aren’t any exclusions in the terrain mesh that would do that, so I am at a loss to explain that one.

    When you say the add-on airport has return to generic, do you mean the add-on buildings and enhancement have disappeared as a result of adding the Toposim terrain mesh? As far as I know, the only effect, depending on the unique situation of the particular airport, is that there may or may not be a plateau, but it shouldn’t remove any buildings or other objects. There just isn’t anything in terrain mesh itself that can do that.

    Is it possible that your Bagram Scenery Library entry points to a wrong location?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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