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    Don, Ken, and Steve . . .

    You all three should be set . . . lemme know if otherwise . . .





    Hope this doesn’t double post. Can’t find where my original posted so I’m doing it again. I received the FSGenesis legacy email form you and registered here at the time I received it. I was a Galaxy Lifetime member on the original FSGenesis website. This account has not been updated indicating this. My credentials should be the same as before. Let me know if more information is needed. I appreciate you honoring your original commitment.

    Thanks, Edwin



    Is there still a way to verify if I am a Galaxy Member.  It’s been too long since I messed around with FSX.  With Microsoft’s new FS announcement, I’m a little froggy and reinstalled FSX. my old email address would have been

    I just can’t remember at what level I had subscribed back in the day.



    Ryan and Edwin

    Sorry it took so long, but both of you should be good to go on the Galaxy status.

    Thanks for waiting



    Hi Justin,

    Not sure if I should start my own thread as this is so long but we will start here.  I too have a Galaxy Membership from way back in 2011.  Haven’t used it since then but would like to get re-activate or placed active, whatever needs to be done so I can d/l a few.

    Marcus Thompson
    Product Code:  MGLXPLUS
    Order Date: 10/23/2011
    Order ID:  (not sure if I should post it here or not?)
    Amount: $99.97

    I have a receipt from PayPal of the purchase if that should help?

    I want to grab the latest Africa mesh.  Thanks so much for your rears of service!



    Hi Marcus

    You should be good to go.  Next time you log into Toposim Distribution Center you should now see Galaxy pricing.

    Thanks!  Welcome back.



    Hi Justin, I was a former Galaxy Lifetime member under I just registered on Toposim with the same email.  Thanks.



    HI Doug

    Sorry it took so long but you should now see Galaxy-appropriate prices in the Toposim Distribution Center.






    Justin, I was a former Galaxy Lifetime member.  I have some of the old V1 terrain but mostly V2 from 2005.  Getting back in to FSX and was wondering if I might still be in your database.  A friend and I really enjoyed flying in Alaska and I do not believe the V2 scenery works in Windows 10.  I believe that the Email was the same as I used in account setup.  Thanks for your time and the spectacular scenery you have created so far.

    Thank you



    Hey Justin, really liking the looks of the new msfs 2020 but sure could use your touch. My local airport KSPB looks like it had been hit by an earthquake. Looking forward to your mesh improvements for it. I had a galaxy membership from way  back when and believe my email then was Don’t know if it will be valid with the new msfs line but just in case hopfully you can find my old account.

    Thanks and looking forward to the new MSFS improvements. Kent aka wirenut48

Viewing 10 posts - 91 through 100 (of 100 total)
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