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    Hey Justin, just wanted to say hi. I’ve been a long time customer of yours back from the old FSGenesis days with FS9. Had bought the entire world and regional mesh CDs. Still have them installed and still fly FS9 for old warbirds and props from Cal Classics. I’m even thinking of installing their 50’s-60’s airport scenery, since FS9 was kind of a historical aircraft (default) based product anyway. I did stay with FSGenesis after you left and did install some of their product in my FSX and FSX-SE. Basically the same world and regional mesh that I had did with FS9. I went to their website last week, (11/04/19), and to my surprise it was down. I thought they might just be updating their servers or something. Well they still aren’t up and I think they may have closed their doors. So I went searching and discovered your store. Well I’m back. So I’ll be checking out your new stuff. I read on one of the forums on avsim or somewhere that you were taking about the product that FSGenesis had was dead technology and your new stuff was much better. So I will give it a try. Happy to be back Justin.

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    Hi Robert

    Yeah, FSGenesis seems to have died, finally. The subsequent owners (FS Pilot Shop) injured it severely and it seems to have gone onto the FS history shelves. It was a good run for a few years way back when, then a combination of the recession, personal relationship transitions, burnout, and finally MS pulling the plug, caused a bit of a trajectory change. But that was a long-time ago.

    When everything finally unraveled I started Toposim to wipe the slate clean, start over, and keep my finger in the pie. I took everything I learned during the FSG years and re-engineered the virtual planet from the ground up, using the latest, most up-to-date source data, organized geographically using more efficient methods. The result is a highly-refined collection of global 19m terrain mesh, with selected regions at 10m, 5m, and 2m resolution.

    Much more liDAR-derived 2m UltraMesh is in the pipeline over the coming weeks and months, and I intend to extend this high-detail into the new MFS era that is now beginning.

    Welcome back!



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