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    Hi Arslan,

    My apologies for the out-dated description on that first product released. After assessing the production hours required, I opted to forego an accompanying vector product for now. Not impossible in the future. but not on the current roadmap. Instead, I am recommending to use an existing vector product, such as Orbx Global Vector to enhance the shorelines. My thinking is why reinvent the wheel?

    Thanks for bringing that out-dated product description to my attention. That was the initial intent back then, but was subsequently dropped in the production priorities.



    Fair enough, thanks very much for the clarification Justin!

    Flying Master Chef

    Howdy all! Wanted to introduce myself. I WAS huge in flight sim world back in the 2000’s…life kicked in these last 8 years and I have mostly not done much if any simming. I ran BlueStream Airlines, Virtual Airline (BSA) in FSX as well as the Flight Simulator Design University (FSDU) where we taught airport design, modelling, and scenery design. I flew online with many friends often however, I have never used VATSIM ever.

    I attended Hawthorne College for my Professional Flight degree but the school ended up closing after my first year there and I joined the USCG with every intention of being a pilot there. Things change and I ended up as an Engineer and then a Rescue Swimmer/Paramedic. Yeah, I was one of those guys that jumped out of helicopters into seas no human should ever be in to help those that shouldn’t have been there. 🙂 And I LOVED IT!!!!! I fought in the first Gulf War (Desert Storm) when I was TAD with a friend of mines Marine unit that was sent there.

    Fast Forward through marriage, kids, etc…. I am now a Chef. I am preparing to move into a new place. I have traveled all over the world and lived in Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Canada (Vancouver), and of course, good ole’ USA. I’ve lived in Newport, RI; Concord & Antrim, NH; Boston, MA; Clearwater, FL; and my home…Hamilton (Cincinnati), Ohio.

    I am back flying sims now, when I have some time. I reinstalled FSX but have started using Prepar3D v4 as my main sim. Wish more of my FSX add-ons were compatible as I have many many $1000’s worth. But, I get easily 2 times the FPS that I got in FSX…thank you 64 bit architecture and using ALL my CPU’s.

    Back in the day I was a lifetime member (Galaxy) of Justin’s amazing mesh for FSX. His work made FS so much more pleasurable. Heck, even some of the ‘mistakes’ were FUN!!! LOL We would fly group (online) flights into an airport that was about 1/2 mile under ground. Many fun hours there!!! I can’t wait to get this new venture (new for me…years old for him) into my sim!! You can’t imagine how HAPPY I was when I was told he was still doing this…as I had contacted FSGenesis and was rudely informed they would NOT honor my lifetime membership. Never told me Justin was not there…

    A HUGE THANK YOU to Justin for caring about us simmers and giving us amazing products to make our hobby way more realistic and enjoyable!!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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