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    Chef Greg Swagler

    This should not be an issue per simulator but rather should pertain to all, I think…

    I am curious as to ordering when installing multiple products either at once or at different times.

    If I get all of the USA and then get ULTRA mesh for the various areas does the install order matter? While I would personally install the lesser (country) first and then the Ultra (state/region) second does that really matter?

    If I get the Ultra mesh and have it already installed, THEN I get the bigger package of the entire USA will it screw up my better mesh?

    Do I simply need to worry about the order in the Scenery set up section of the sim? Putting the better above on the list?

    Thanks!! I think this will help others make sure they have things installed and placed correctly.



    HI Greg

    In most instances it doesn’t matter, since the terrain engine automatically displays the highest resolution it finds on the database. Same resolution coverage is resolved through layering.

    In general I have installed all my terrain mesh just above the default cities, i.e., just above Orlando. And just for organizational purposes, install the UltraMesh above the Planet Earth Bundle products.

    Hope this helps



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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