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    KFHU Libby Army Airfield / Sierra Vista Municipal Airport,  Arizona

    The approach to KFHU rwy 26 is higher than the highway seen under the plane.  It is part on a built up plateau and the rest the ground sloping down.  The departure end should be level with the surrounding terrain, but I see the airport ground slopes 2 directions.  If the departure end must be on a plateau due to this, that’s OK.

    The white building shown falling off the plateau on the right side of the picture, just over the right wing, is our Civil Air Patrol headquarters. Our parking lot is on the far side of the building and level with it.  Our driveway slopes down to the lot, but the oversize tarmac covers the driveway and parking lot.  It is lower than the tarmac just beyond it, but higher than the airport road beside it to the right, or to say the CAP building is on it’s own little plateau.

    Also the road going into the airport is lower than the airport North side and the ground slopes down to it.  The tarmac is oversize and covers the airport road which goes up the right side to the last building, but I understand the oversize tarmac is a fault of the scenery publisher, not your mesh.   I don’t see a good way for you to fix the rest of the airport road that is covered up.

    I saw elsewhere in the forum there would be a service pack we could buy and would it include all the airports you have fixed?  Did not find the service pack in the products list.


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