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    I just purchased the Earth Bundle for my FSX and FSX:SE editions.  I was approaching Denver  south, from Cheyenne, and saw a 1000+ foot deep pit on the ground.. the only one I see around Denver that’s not displaying correctly.  It’s Mile Hi 47CO… a private strip, just 2 runways, 4 start positions and a Tower.  I tried turning off Toposim North America layer and it displays correctly.  Next, I went to Airport Design Editor and tried adjusting the elevation of each element and the airport to match the current AirNav info.  That brought the runways to level with the surface, but it was still 1000+ feet down the ground under it.  I can’t seem to bring the ground UP to match the runway..  There must be something like an airport polygon or matching terrain level in the Toposim Colorado Terrain Mesh that I can’t edit with ADE?  Please help me figure this one out.  It’s the only airport in the area I’m having an issue with.

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    Sorry for the delay. Took awhile to track this one down.

    The real-life airstrip is actually about 86 km due east of it’s location in FSX/P3D. The published info is wrong.  Airnav shows the airport at 104d50m west.  In actuality it’s at 103d50m west.

    When you go to 47CO on Airnav and scroll down to Airport Ownership and Management, note the address.  Now plug that address into Google Maps or Bing Maps.  You’ll find the strip 86 km east of its location in FSX/P3D.  Move the airport to it’s actual location and you’ll probably find the terrain matches the airport much better than where it is now.

    Hope this helps




    I made up a quick ADE file for you to start with.  This corrects the airport’s location and includes a background image to use as a guide for your edits.

    The  47CO_background_HiRes.jpg file in the zip is for reference only — it’s too big for ADE to handle.  Use the 47CO_background.jpg file and the corner coordinates found in the included .txt file.

    Have fun!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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