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    Hi Justin !

    I have been an user of FSgenesis/NEXTMap in the past, and after being “out of business” for a while, I discovered that my account no longer exist.

    Do I have to buy products again? (Have proof of purchases).

    I’m interested right now, in the South America bundle.

    Thanks !



    Hi César.

    Sorry for the delay.  I’ve been away on a hiatus through the holidays but ramping back up again.

    I have been honoring old Galaxy Lifetime Memberships from the old FSGenesis days, but any obsoleted FSGenesis products are not eligible for any special Toposim discounts, unfortunately, since I sold the now-defunct company several years ago.  The Toposim products are newly-built from scratch products and thus full price.





    Hi Justin

    I had a Galaxy membership also. I believe I have every mesh you made for fs9 and fsx.

    Not sure if any products here are available to me for free or at a discount.

    I understand new products are full price. I am currently having a sim computer built and will be using PrePar3d v5 now and MSFS.




    Add me to the list of old-timers who are checking in decades after our initial FSGenesis purchases. I have no idea what kind of membership I used to have, but I loved your products. I just discovered that FSX-SE would work on an old computer I had in a closet and rediscovered the National Park flights I did in 2002 that helped me discover what your mesh could do. Good memories. And great to see you’re still around and producing mesh for flight sims!

    Dick Muldoon

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