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    Hi Justin and everyone else. I have Planet Bundle and I just purchased Ultramesh Bundle yesterday.

    1) I am seeing plateaus in the terrain and airports in both FSX-SE and P3Dv4. Is there a way to fix that or do we have to report the plateaus in the ATAP section every time we encounter one?

    2) Should I uninstall everything and reinstall?

    I have the following Orbx Global products installed:

    -Global Base Pack
    -Global Vector
    -Global Libraries

    I also have the Orbx packs listed below but are not installed:

    -Global openLC North America
    -Global openLC Mesh South America
    -Global Airport Pack



    I want to add that I unchecked the only Toposim NorthAmerica mesh that I had installed in P3Dv4 that I had installed and the plateau/canyons went away. The airport is KLNS.



    Yeah, the plateaus have been a pain in the butt since FS2000, unfortunately.

    Here’s a good overview from an article I wrote for several years ago that explains the problem . . .

    Introduction to Terrain Mesh

    As for them being fixed in the future, that is problematic with the advent of MFSXXXX, which has no flat airport imitations, eliminating the problem going forward, finally. Production time going forward is being mostly focused on the new simulator, which assumes that most will probably switch over once it becomes available to the consumer. In those (rare?) cases where simmers might stay with FSX/P3D, commissioned ATAPs can be addressed on an individual basis.

    As the article states towards the end,

    “So while most airports will have no jarring visual impact with their minimal plateaus, there are some airports in the world that would require considerable adjustments. Most simmers who have embraced high-resolution terrain mesh have long ago accepted the tradeoff of occasional jarring plateaus in order to experience the often spectacular results seen enroute between airports, and decide not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

    Hope this helps



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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