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    Hi, I ran across your website and heard good things about your work, so I bought your world bundle, and my question for you is I just added the meshes per your instructions in the forum and their all sitting above bathymetry do I just let my Orbx install as usual or is there a placement of TOPOSIM meshes in relation to scenery products? Because I know Orbx has their own meshes for regions and I don’t want them to conflict. I have all of the FTX Global products and a lot of regions and airports I just want to get the full benefit of your product because I had FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE meshes and they kept getting installed under FTX Vector thank you. And can I change my username on my account to something different?


    Hello Speedy

    I install them just above the default cities, i.e., right above Orlando.

    To change username, etc., go to Distribution Center (linked in the header) and click My Account, then Account Details.

    Hope this helps




    Thanks Justin, sorry for getting back so late been very busy, I will do that since I have updated to Prepar3d v4.4, it’s a new install of everything for me thanks again…Speedy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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