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    Manfred Ronquillo

    Hi Justin, I usually fly in the Philippines only, RPUB (Laokan Airport) the airport is situated 4,250 feet above the mountain. The airport is okay but the area approaching RWY9 is erroneous.. The mountain side..

    Please..Hope you can accomodate my request.



    Hi Manfred,

    I’ll be ramping ATAPs after the holidays, and yes, I’ll take care of this then.



    Manfred Ronquillo

    Seasons Greetings!

    I’m sorry for the comment and attachment regarding RPUB. After reading and reading posts in Avsim,I learned that my setting should match your Mesh Resolution specs. My settings were too much,I lowered the slider to 19m Mesh Resolution and now it looked so much better! The perilous zigzag road and ravines you see on the picture are gone! Although suddenly there appear a small hill at the end of Runway 9. But overall, it looked great! I’m trying to remove my Quote #702 since I made a wrong statement, it’s not erroneous, my fault! My apologies..

    But then if you can spare time, hope you can flatten the hill at the end of RWY9/ Start of RWY27. If you can teach me and send me apps, I’d try to do it myself so as not to bother you. =)

    Thanks for the reply!

    Great scenery, texture and detail! Thumbs up! =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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