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    While I am here, can you show a picture of a before and after shot of your new mesh programs, it just give me a better idea of what to expect.




    HI Guy,

    Yep, a complete gallery is coming to a new section when I can make the time to implement it. Been so busy pushing production that I haven’t spent a lot of time with the screenshots. Maybe I should write a thousand words on every product. 🙂

    Until I get more screenshots up, I’ll try to describe what you should be seeing. More detail. The degree of increased detail will vary depending on the default resolution of the area of interest and the 19m/10m/5m resolution of the Toposim Continents products.

    The default resolution throughout most of the world is LOD7 / 612m, meaning there are 612m between elevation points, creating a mere rounded general impression of the real world. When you apply terrain mesh with a resolution of LOD11 / 19m, you are jumping to 64 times the detail – a drastic and often stunning enhancement, further enhanced by certain lighting factors, especially around dawn and dusk. You can’t miss it. The difference jumps out at you.

    Other parts of the world are 76m by default, so the application of LOD11 / 19m terrain will not be so impactful, but more subtle, and seen at closer distances. Going from 76m default to 19m Toposim will increase the detail by a factor of four. You will only notice the difference closer in to your viewpoint. Distant mountains will appear very similar – the same – as the default – until you go closer to them. As you approach the LOD will switch and more detail will emerge.

    Europe and United States, for instance, are both 38m default. Going up to Toposim 19m (Western Europe Bundle) only increases the detail by a factor of two, so the difference will be subtle and seen only at closer-in distances from the view point. On the ground you will see full detail of your immediate surroundings. But at higher-altitude there won’t be much of a difference at all. The high resolution terrain mesh effect is optimized by going low and slow, so hop in an ultralight and take a tour. 🙂

    The United States is already 38m default. Toposim United States Bundle is compiled to LOD12 / 10m, so the detail increase factor is 4. But again, the higher the resolution goes, the shorter its visual range due to hard-coded LOD restaints. You won’t see the 10m terrain all the way out to the horizon at altitude, but on the ground you will see the full detail within a specified radius around you.

    Meanwhile, I do have a few before/after shots sitting on the hard drive, so I’ll see if I can get them posted when the dust settles on this server move.

    But I hope my description above answers your query until I get more screenshots posted.




    That is great …. thank you for the reply.


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