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    I have downloaded the various Ultramesh products.   I already have Toposim mesh covering the world, including North America.

    So for installation, for example, Massachusetts – Do I delete the already existing Massachusetts Lod 9-12.bgl and replace it with all of the new Ultramesh.bgl’s for the state?

    Incidentally, isn’t LOD 9-12 better than LOD 10-14.    The lower end number is lower with what I already have installed and the range between the two isn’t great.     But not sure I understand LIDAR and the LOD’s exactly.

    Thanks, a LONG time customer



    Hi John

    The higher LOD number is more detailed, so LOD14 is 2.3m horizontal resolution, while LOD12 is 9.6m horizontal resolution.  No need to delete LOD12 stuff because the terrain engine automatically loads the highest resolution it finds in the database for display.

    I always layer the Toposim Continents right above the default cities, and the UltraMesh right above the Toposim Continents.

    Hope this helps





    Thanks Justin, that’s perfect!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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