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    David Congram

    “Wee bit confused”…….. about ATAP files

    Greetings Justin !!   I was a client of FS Genesis, and an Flight Simmer some time ago,

    but had to step away to deal with ‘real life’ issues.  Nice to be back – Glad I located you again !!

    Anyway…..I’ve been reading the Forums, and the DOCs (in the zip files), but I’m still slightly

    confused over the positioning of the ATAP files in scenery.cfg.

    Like most, I’m well aware of the ‘plateaus’ that are inherent in FS/x & P3d.

    I have ORBX VECTOR, BASE, etc – so I position the “North America” files above LandClass and

    default ‘Africa, N_America, S_America…etc’  (according to instructions) and things look GREAT.

    BUT, I’ve just come across Greenland, and it includes “ATAP” files.

    They seem to be individual Airports… do they go above Default Airports or above FTX Airports ?



    Hi David

    Sorry for the delay.  Been on hiatus helping a non-profit through the holidays, but ramping up again.

    You can safely layer them above the Continents products and below the ORBX products.

    Hope this helps



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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