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    Brian Gladden

    Just got the Ultramesh Vermont pack and HOLY Frackin Chuck Yeager!!!! As a native Vermonter who travels around the state extensively for work I’m just a little in awe about how nice this mesh is. I’m running Megascenery Earth with Nuvecta autogen and Orbix Vector. It’s all there. The little ravines I know by heart. Even the open pit quarries around Barre and Middlebury are there. The three gravel pits near my house! All aligned with the photo scenery.


    Down side there are a couple of plateau airports I’ve found so far (I’m sure there are a couple more but so far the worst is Knapp State, KMPV) so if you are bored someday, Justin, a couple of tweaks would be appreciated. I’m guessing Morse state in Bennington will be similar as well as Caledonia County in Lyndonville since they are both Hilltop airports like Knapp. But nevertheless, Awesome package.


    Hi Brian

    Wow.  Thanks for the great review.  Glad you’re liking it!

    You can post the plateaus over in the ATAP request forum and we’ll see what we can do.  I’d appreciate it if you would post similar on the product page over at the Distribution Center, too.

    I appreciate your appreciation!

    Thanks again


    Brian Gladden

    No problem. I’ll try to grab some screens of the plateaus later today.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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