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    <span lang="en">Hi
    It's been a few weeks since I bought a series of TOPOSIM scenarios through Steam. However, I only had problems.
    When adding them, my FSX crashes when starting the flight, loading up to 6%. Then, the message appears: "your computer ran out of available memory ...".
    I have an extremely modern computer with a GTX 1650 video card.
    I also made adjustments for memory redemption, but nothing worked.
    What do I do?
    I really appreciate the help.</span>

    I moved to steam hoping to get out of OOM.

    Started getting OOM almost immediately, I was close to chucking out $1,000’s of $ in frustration till I found Uncle Joe

    Canada Toposim from Steam

    I did what he did, no more OOMS. And way less load time. But that was for “Canada” so I don’t know what you bought and loaded. I’m typically a western flyer and that’s where the mountains are so hopefully I can get AB & BC to play nice with Steam.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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