• aragonale replied to the topic Runway texture in the forum Usability 8 months ago

    Well folks….I did more research today and found the following answer to “my problem”

    – Actually the “black asphalt”-texture is the snow texture, which will be shown if
    FSX detects “winter” (I have REX Texture Direct, and they only have this snow texture, for asphalt snow or concrete snow runways).
    – So now the interesting thing I also didnt know…..
    When you start FSX it will load the runway texture already from your system time.
    So If you are in Winter….it shows winter…even, I dont know why, if you then change to summer in time menu….
    here the solution in an AVSIM forum posted in 2009….

    “I think this is not a driver problem. First in my CFG I would put “DisablePreload=1” in the “[Main]” section, to disable loading of the default flight before flight sim starts. This makes the whole scenery, textures, or in other words the world not load up at the starting menu. You will still have your default flight displayed, but the only thing is the world for the flight is not loaded during the splash screen. The only downside is the loading might take a little longer after you hit “Fly Now”, but if you have a decent computer, this should not be much of a problem. :(After entering the cfg code, I would change it from the season flight simulator loaded when you started up (for exp. if the main menu displays winter after splash screen, change it to spring or summer), hit fly now, and see if it displays the right one. :(It sounds to me like when FSX grabs the system time in the menu before flight, it loads the texture up for that season (without the “DisablePreload=1″ line), and even if the season changes, the correct runway texture does not load, because the runway texture you started with at first or before reloading is still in memory and directx has not re-rendered the textures properly. Also when you change the season in flight, you may have to make FSX reload the time twice before you get the runway texture, because only then will the textures re-render. Just like you had to do. – Gman! February 24, 2009”

    So I have put this DisablePreload=1 in the [Main] section of fsx.cfg and…it works!
    Now when I choose summer and then start fly it doesnt show the winter snow asphalt but the right texture…asphalt / concrete what ever