• billfahle replied to the topic GPS approaches broken after install, fixed when removed in the forum Usability 8 months, 1 week ago

    Let me be clear: Toposim did not cause this, it was a navaids update. To be clear about your other questions, the symptom was that when I would go into the GPS (shift-3 in the steam gauge 172) and do direct (with the d arrow button) to KDFW, then hit the FPL button and then the PROC button to select an approach, rotating the knob down to GPS 17R, select it with the NETTS transition, and activate approach, it would only load part of the approach. In particular, the first waypoint in the approach was RW17R, followed by the missed approach waypoints. There are about four other waypoints in that approach as seen here: https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/1901/06039R17R.PDF Uninstalling the French worldwide navaids update fixed the issue. They monkey around with actual stock data, so it’s not surprising it caused an issue. This would happen with any approach that started at a terminal waypoint. Approaches like GPS 17C at the same airport work, which I attribute to it starting at a route waypoint/intersection (BOSSI) instead of a terminal waypoint. https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/1901/06039R17C.PDF I’m just including all this information for anyone else who experiences similar problems and searches the web.