• leolundj replied to the topic Galaxy Membership? in the forum Pre-Sales Questions 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Justin,

    I’m another of those former Galaxy members who loved the product. Now so close to retirement and more time on my hands I am back to firing up FSX on a new machine. When looking for new mesh (since it had been a few years) I was really surprised to see that Guru Justin had a different startup. I’m glad you survived what I recall as some tough times…

    Regardless as to whether you can grandfather my Galaxy membership or if I need to pay, I trust your call on this next question, but I want the best, most current mesh of the planet. I like to create elaborate flight plans and/or wing it around the world and journal my stops….googling exotic places to visit, restaurants/market places to eat, hotels or hostels to stay in, casinos to lose money, etc. to create a fiction. My way of exploring beyond just the place to place flying. It’s a nice feeling knowing you have accurate mesh to lay the occasional fancy texture on.

    So, does your whole planet package deal offer the greatest detail mesh I can get? Would I be deleting all my FSGenesis mesh files to create space? I am putting all scenery files on a 128G SSD (for load speed) and I might need to do a bit of work to get all your files on it.