Toposim MSFS Distribution Center

. . . early construction now underway . . . this is gonna be quite amazing . . .

Here is where you’ll eventually find our MSFS line of products. We’ve had the pleasure and fortune to participate in the Alpha/Beta test program over the past several months and are very excited at the possibilities for further enhancement of this groundbreaking simulation platform. We feel MSFS to be the bridge to a true “holodeck” experience a few years down the road.  Eventually, Earth Simulator, which will always include a flight component, but add trains, driving, hiking, anything you want.

We’ve visited many and various regions of the planet so far and note that the default terrain mesh is generally adequate, yet there remains much room for improvement, especially for those who like to fly low-and-slow. While my source data is eager to be converted into a format MSFS can read, unfortunately that capability has not yet been documented and enabled in the current SDK. No word about “when” but “in the future . . .”

That said, Toposim fully intends to push our development of high-quality global terrain mesh enhancements into the future, as well as micro-detailed UltraMesh products for the low-and-slow, barnstormers, bush pilots, sightseers, drivers, hikers, and mountain-climbers.

We’re currently in the beginning stages of renovation of Jimmy Stewart Airport (KIDI), the local county airport about 2 kilometers to the northeast. We’re building a new office, warehouse, and showroom.  When we’re ready to unveil, fly in and say hello.  Stay tuned for an innovative twist . . .

Meanwhile . . .

Until our new line of MSFS products start rolling out soon after the SDK allows, our overhead costs remain while revenues have plummeted in recent weeks and months. Our latest bond issue will provide a 25% return in 180 days, or any donations of any amount will go a long way toward building our bridge to the future when MS/Asobo finally documents the new CGL DEM system. Thanks in advance!

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