toposim_avatarWe build virtual terrain and create custom terrain mesh solutions to address various anomalies created by the FSX/P3D flat-airport limitation, such as plateaus, canyons, misplaced airports, erroneous airport elevations, erroneous runway orientations, or any other anomaly which renders jarring visual effects.

We perform custom development work for publishers, developers, and regular simmers, and offer quick turn-around in most cases.  We offer two levels of custom development.

For flightsim publishers and payware airport authors, we will create a customized digital elevation model for your payware international airport to ensure compatibility with all high-resolution add-on terrain mesh products, eliminating plateaus, canyons, and other anomalies associated with the FSX/P3D flat-airport limitation.

For regular simmers, we will create a customized digital elevation model surrounding your favorite regional, county, airstrip, or cow pasture, remove any plateau, reorient the runways as necessary based on aerial and satellite imagery, and adjust the airport property polygon to more closely conform to its real-life counterpart. These initially-commissioned projects will then become products in the Toposim Distribution Center to accomodate the wider flightsim community while the commissioning simmer earns back a 5% royalty on all future sales of that product, likely recouping their initial investment and more.

Expect a one-week turnaround, shorter or longer depending on the individual project, and the number of projects in queue, but be assured of meticulous quality in every project, be it a major international airport or the remotest cow pasture. During checkout simply provide the ICAO code and name of the airport requiring custom terrain mesh enhancement in the Order Notes field, and we will do the rest.

Simply click either of the links above to get started . . .

Another thing that we do is continental-scale high-resolution terrain mesh products, such as those created during the heyday of FSGenesis, going back more than a decade.  First for FS2000, then FS2002, FS2004, and finally for FSX/P3D we covered the whole FS world with high-resolution terrain mesh.

Our newest product line, Toposim Continents, a hybrid of recently-released USGS SRTM30 and ASTER30 source data, as well as regions derived from the latest USGS 10m NED and other highly-refined datasets from around the world.  Launched in January 2016, beginning with North Africa, has now expanded to cover much of the eastern longitudes, is now available at the Toposim Distribution Center.   We have recently completed 10m coverage of New Zealand and the United States, with new regions coming online regularly.  We are building a next-generation global elevation database that looks to the future of whole-earth simulation, and beyond . . .

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