toposim_avatarWe have been in the flightsim development trade since 1998, specializing in enhanced terrain mesh. Having created and operated FSGenesis for nearly 15 years, and more recently as an Orbx developer, Toposim proprietor Justin Tyme continues the development journey as Toposim embarks on a new venture to develop new products as well as custom terrain solutions for the flight simulator industry and for end-users, continuing a long tradition of quality enhancements for the FSX/P3D platform, and for other simulators currently in development.


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  1. Justin,
    Glad to see this happening. It is very good of you to honour Galaxy Lifetime Memberships. It speaks well of you! I wish you the best of luck with Toposim.

  2. Thanks, Rick. Just hoping I can make enough sales to pay the bills and continue development, which I love to do. Honoring the old Galaxy Lifetime Memberships will definitely result in lost revenue, but it’s the right thing to do. I’ve downsized considerably since the old days, so my overhead isn’t near what it used to be, so hopefully I can make it all work with less.

  3. Hello Justin! I ‘m from the FS Real China Team.As a Chinese fs player and developer,I ‘m happy to see that you have published a terrain mesh of China.
    But I’m not sure how you produced this kind of mesh,especially 19m resolution mesh.As far as I know,there are only SRTM V4 (90m resolution),ASTER GDEM V2(30m resolution),and DLR(10m resolution but not cover the whole China) available for China.
    Could you tell me what kind of data you use?Or do you have any special algorithm?By the way,what do you think the advantages over other meshes,such as FS Global 2012?

    Best wishes,
    Zhou Siyuan

    1. Hi Siyuan

      There is newly-released dataset, STRM30, that covers about ~98% of China. There are a few voids in the STRM30, which we then filled with ASTER30 or JAXA30 data. Finally, any remaining voids were filled with SRTM90, GTOPO30, or custom-made contours.

      This 30m source data was then slightly oversampled to LOD11 / 19m resolution and compiled with a compression setting of 90 to arrive at a suitable compromise for size of a downloadable coverage.

      Advantages, I’d say most recent data, freshly built, engineered with two decades of experience, comprehensive, integrated, matched, consistent set of 19m and 10m terrain coverages, eventually world-wide. We are looking to the future as well, creating a source database for next-generation simulators.

      How many simmers do you have over there in China?

  4. Justin I am an old FS Genesis customer but sadly time has marched on and I no longer have the internet service that the account was made on so no way to look up my account so I will just have to move from FSGenesis to Toposim for my FSX SE mesh needs. How does topsim differ from my old FSGenesis?

    Not counting my misplaced/lost downloaded update files from my lost Galaxy account I Physically have the following FSGenesis disks.
    The North American Terrain Mesh for FSX US West v 1.1, US East v1.1, and Canada & Mexico v 1.2
    What do I need to get from toposim to replace these as I am sure they are outdated I have FSX SE now and going to build a new computer just for gaming and VR with i7 7700k, GTX 180Ti, and 32 GB Ram.

    1. Hi Edward

      I cross-referenced you in the old FSG customer database and if you’ll set up an account at Toposim Distribution Center I will activate your Legacy Galaxy Membership.

      After that you’ll see the “Free” prices. Simply add your area(s) of interest to your cart and checkout, no payment info required. Your initial links will be in your confirmation email, but you can download at any time from My Account at the Toposim Distribution Center.

      All old FSG coverage has been covered in the Toposim Continents product line. They are organized by continent and country/region with a 7 km buffer along the boundaries. In other words, you an put the old outdated FSG stuff in the museum where they belong and replace with Toposim Continents, created from the latest, best-available source data.

      Welcome back 🙂

    2. Never mind creating your account. I found you in the store and have configured your account for Legacy Galaxy pricing. Simply log in and take your pick. Let me know of any further questions or problems, but please use the forum under the Support & Community tab. Thanks!

  5. Hey Justin! Glad to see you back!! Ive recently installed FSX on a new build and went to install my software but to no avail… the “new” FSGenesis refuses to honor past customers. Is there any way I can get my old purchased software so I can continue wit my fresh installation? Im an avid fan of your work and sup[porter so refuse to use anybody else! Hope to hear from you soon as I know your customer service is top notch!!

  6. Well, I posted a nice post…but apparently it didn’t save it! UGH! Shorter version

    Back in FS after years of being out. You (Justin) had updated my email for me back in May of 2008 (wow) to I have not used this email in years and would love to have my lifetime membership back. I contacted (not knowing..) FSGenesis and got a (IMO) rude reply back that they emailed all of us about a deadline to get what we needed and that our lifetime memberships would no longer be honored. I had no clue this was not you (of course, didn’t have your usual Justin\FSG email signature…but I didn’t really pay attention to that) as it was simply signed FS Genesis.

    Anyway, after bitching about MESH over at AVSIM I got a pvt message that you were HERE!!! And that you DO honor your lifetime memberships… My current email I use for all my FS stuff is (same address I am signed up on here with.)

    I am currently using FS Global Ultimate NG FTX and simply not happy with it. I very much wish to have anything you are working on in my sims. I am using both FSX and Prepar3D v4 but almost only P3D v4 now.

    Now that I know you are here I will start promoting THIS now.

    Thank you much!!!!


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